Hướng Dẫn Chơi Summertime Saga Bằng Tiếng Việt Hoàn Chỉnh, Guide Summertime Update 01/2023

Dưới đây là toàn bộ kết thúc tốt đẹp có trong Cinderella Phenomenon, Sói không thấy game này có hướng dẫn bad ending nào cả nên không liệt kê được bên dưới.

Hướng dẫn Cinderella Phenomenon



Go rightChoose all…Stay silentRodRod


Answer himGo outsideWhy do you want me out of the palaceStay silentAcceptGive me the correct answersI’m fineStay with himYou are not doing a very good jobCompliment himTell himI am sure that I am a better dancer than youDo not tell himExplain the situationTell him off for his behaviorPlead with himWarn Emelaigne…Confront himYou don’t have to apologizeHow was the wedding



Go leftChoose allSo this is how you truly feel?Throw the tray at himKarmaKarma

Karma (ROUTE)

It’s terribleStand up for RumpelRemain insideI can see why you would not tell herThe fancy cupcake with the lizardTease KarmaFight BackThe lipsTry to convince themStep away from himYou have to tell JurienBite his handScold himLet’s run errands firstI came to speak with youTurn and point your sword at himI want a hugThank youI want to talk to youI promiseI could never be afraid of you



Go leftChoose allSo this is how you truly feel?Throw the trail at himRumpelRumpel

Rumpel (ROUTE)

Turn and walk awaySlap himDon’t Accept the giftAttempt to FlirtApologize to AnniceTell him offStop WalkingGo to Rumpel’s roomDefend RumpelI am still his partnerInterrupt the conversationRemain silentStruggleLook awayThank youLeave the roomI want to helpThe neck?Scream for helpIt is nice to meet you



Go leftI have no questionsSo this is how you truly feel?Stay silent..I can break the curse on my own..No, I do not need any help

Fritz (ROUTE)

Spare themPress the issueShe is..Keep walkingStay stillTell himStand your groundDoubt himSay nothingHelp themLet himMother is deadPress himHow do I break his curse?ProtestWhy did you come for me?Stand your groundIt was my faultHelp themThrone roomRefuse



Go rightI have no questionsSo this is how you truly feel?Stay silentWaltzWaltz

Waltz (ROUTE)

Remove his handI am fineCheckBehind the wooden cratesExplainPlay alongYou shouldn’t have come hereCryStayStay with himUse Parfait’s PotionSay somethingDeclineI knew you’d come back…I will need your helpA shieldSay somethingI would not leave you all behindI knowRun to Waltz