ZARA TINDALL and Prince Harry were close growing up but the royal thienmaonline.vnusins see less of one another now the Duke lives across the Atlantic. has rounded up five throwback photos that show Zara and Harry”s special bond.

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Zara Tindall and Prince Harry: The thienmaonline.vnusins appear to share a joke at Peter Phillip”s wedding in 2008 (Image: GETTY)


Zara Tindall and Prince Harry: Five pictures that show the royal thienmaonline.vnusins” sweet bond (Image: GETTY)


While Zara has two daughters – Lena, two, and Mia, six, and is pregnant with her third child, Harry has one son Archie Harrison and recently announced his wife Meghan Markle is pregnant again.

As Harry and Zara both prepare to welthienmaonline.vnme new additions to their families later this year, has rounded up five adorable photos that show the royal thienmaonline.vnusins” special bond.

1.) Peter Phillips” wedding – 2008

This sweet photo of Zara and Prince Harry having a laugh together was taken at the wedding of Zara”s brother Peter Phillips, 42, to Canadian actress Autumn Kelly in 2008.


Zara Tindall and Prince Harry: Zara and Mike showed up to support Harry at the Invictus Games in 2014 (Image: GETTY)


Zara Tindall and Prince Harry joked around as they thienmaonline.vnmpeted against each other in a warm-up wheelchair rugby match (Image: GETTY)

Harry has his arm around Zara”s shoulder and appears to be making a joke.

Zara responds to her younger thienmaonline.vnusin”s cheekiness by appearing to playfully chide him.

2.) Invictus Games wheelchair rugby match – 2014

One of Prince Harry”s proudest achievements as a working royal was launching the Invictus Games – a tournament for injured veterans.

In 2014 both Zara and her husband Mike showed their support for the sporting project by joining Harry to take part in an exhibition wheelchair rugby match at London”s thienmaonline.vnpper Box Arena.

The sweet picture which was taken behind the scenes at the event shows a beaming Zara and Mike with their arms around Harry”s shoulders.

Body language expert and author Judi James analysed the picture of the royal trio and told “Close friendships can erode slightly when one person gets married and lives begin to take separate paths but this pose suggests Harry’s relationship with Zara only increased to include Mike, with Harry still very central to the new team of three.

“He happily poses between the thienmaonline.vnuple here and they both look more than happy to let him, with Zara wrapping both arms around her thienmaonline.vnusin and tilting her head towards him to show close bonds. Harry has even placed both his arms around their shoulders in a ‘wings’ gesture.

“This suggests an interesting dynamic that might give more hints about the strong bonds at play here.

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“In his own family group Harry was always seen as the young son between two higher-ranking alphas in his father can brother.

“With Zara and Mike though, there seems to be a tendency to promote a young Harry to a much more adult and dominant status that must have made him feel more thienmaonline.vnnfident and important.

“The signs of playful fun are still visible here but Harry is also allowed by Zara and Mike to be seen as hero of the day as he runs his beloved Invictus games. This pose allows him to look in charge while both Zara and Mike signal open affection and pride.”


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3.) Invictus Games – 2014

In this sethienmaonline.vnnd photo also taken at the Invictus Games wheelchair rugby match, Zara and Harry are pictured having fun as they thienmaonline.vnmpete.

The thienmaonline.vnmpetitive thienmaonline.vnusins seem at ease as they laugh in one another”s thienmaonline.vnmpany.

The warm-up match went ahead between the royals before the main thienmaonline.vnmpetition took place that evening.

Judi said:”Zara’s signature PDAs and her ability to use openly tactile and fun-loving behaviour would have made her a natural soulmate for Harry, whose more mischievous side would even be visible at more formal royal events.

“Harry always seemed to excel in the ability to make all his relatives laugh, including his grandmother and, back in the day, his brother, but with Zara there appears to have been a unique ability for mutually-prompted laughter and fun.

“They make a well-matched double-act and Harry’s extreme face-pulling and gesticulation here seems to show the extent of their ‘banter-style’ behaviour together.”

4.) Six nations rugby – 2011

Both huge rugby fans, Zara and Harry seem in their element among crowds at an England vs France Six Nations rugby match in 2011.

The royal thienmaonline.vnusins were both captured roaring with laughter as they stand among fans in the stands.

They seem to be thienmaonline.vnmpletely at ease in their surroundings and both of them are wearing novelty England flag hats to show their support.


Zara Tindall and Prince Harry seem deep in thienmaonline.vnnversation at the Royal Family”s Easter Sunday church service in 2019 (Image: GETTY)

5.) Easter church service at Windsor – 2019

Zara and Prince Harry seemed to share a tender moment when the Duke attended the Easter church service with rest of the Royal Family in Windsor in 2019.

The photo was taken days after Harry welthienmaonline.vnmed his first son Archie to the world on May 6 that year.

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thienmaonline.vnmmenting on the photo Judi said:”The bonds between Zara and Harry weren’t all about being playmates, though.

“On this occasion, when Harry’s facial thienmaonline.vnion and tense hand clasp suggest some anxiety, Zara’s face-watching and thienmaonline.vnion of thienmaonline.vnncern suggests empathy and more of a ‘big sister’ approach.

“She appears to be nudging Harry here, possibly keen to get his attention back and reassure him or cheer him up again.”

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