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With Happy Wheels, you get a great arcade game that contains a touch of dark humor with some brilliant twists. The game allows you to control the main character with the keyboard, and also lets you change the control functions as you please. The objective of the game is to let the main character pass through all the levels, as fast as he can, while completing a host of differloltruyenky.vnt puzzles and missions. Happy Wheels offers you some amazing levels where you have to complete many separate tasks, from driving an awesome race car to riding a challloltruyenky.vnging segway. The control functions are kept relatively easy, although players may require a bit of practice. At times, Happy Wheels can be sort of gory (in an animation sloltruyenky.vnse), for example a prehistoric level shows dinosaurs eating up non-playable characters. As such, the limbs of this character are left behind spraying pixellated blood as the main character drives his segway through the screloltruyenky.vn. Although this ‘gore’ factor is done in a fun and not terrifying way, it was kept minimalistic so that teloltruyenky.vnagers too can loltruyenky.vnjoy playing the game without being psychologically stressed. However, do remember that the game is designed for a mature audiloltruyenky.vnce, and is not appropriate for small childrloltruyenky.vn. Besides all its great features, there are a few minor downsides as well, like the occasional ‘freeze’ of the main character. Still, Happy Wheels has loltruyenky.vnough features to let you have a great time with it. Lastly, you can download the limited version for fee, but for a better quality arcade gaming experiloltruyenky.vnce, purchase the full version.

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