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The Sunshine Auto Showroom is a city in itself. A lot of garages are in the area and you will have access to lists of stolen cars and illegal races.
The lists are located near the big garage. You complete the lists gradually and for every car you get a reward. For completing whole list, you get one special car added to the showroom.1st listNeeded cars:LandstalkerIdahoRancherBlista CompactStallionEsperantoReward: Showroom makes 1500 USD daily; special car: Deluxo


2nd listNeeded cars:SabreVirgoSentinelStretchAdmiralWashingtonReward: Showroom makes 4000 USD daily; special car: Sabre Turbo


3rd listNeeded cars:CheetahInfernusBansheePhoenixCometStingerReward: Showroom makes 6000 USD daily; special car: Sandking


4th list
Needed cars:VoodooHermesBaggageCaddyPizza BoyMr. WhoopeeReward: Showroom makes 9000 USD daily; special car: Hotring racer


If you have problems finding a car, look in the transport section, where you can find a description of the cars with their locations. Another option is to participate in illegal races throughout Vice City. Across from the garages is a board, where you can log in

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Flying bike – Filip Žazo

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