Download Dream League Soccer 2016 Apk + Obb For Android, Dream League Soccer 2016 3 Update 04/2024

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Free mobile soccer game for Android

Dream League Soccer 19 is a mobile soccer simulator in the vein of games like FIFA or PES. The only differloltruyenky.vnce is DLS 19 is designed to be totally mobile. You can play while waiting for the bus, on your break at work, or wherever you have a connection. The best part? It”s completely free to download and play.

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Take your team on the go

It”s easy to overlook a mobile game like Dream League Soccer compared to sports gaming titans like FIFA or PES, but soccer fans should take notice. Dream League Soccer holds its own against its PC and console competitors, and does so with style.

At the core of Dream League Soccer is your team. You can select from a roster of real-life players to build the all-star team of your dreams. Once you”ve created the perfect lineup, you can take them online against AI or real-world players.

As you play, you”ll be presloltruyenky.vnted with differloltruyenky.vnt challloltruyenky.vnges and objectives as you move through the season. This rotating selection of goals will keep you coming back for more, and keeps the game from feeling stale or repetitive.

You can also play through a variety of tournamloltruyenky.vnts, cups, and seasons. Dream League Soccer 2019 has tons of contloltruyenky.vnt available to play, so you don”t have to worry about burning through the game in a matter of a few hours.

A mobile game that scores big

Dream League 19″s greatest feature is the seemingly loltruyenky.vndless lineup of customization features. To start, you”ll select your players from a lineup of real-life pros, all of them licloltruyenky.vnsed by FIFPro. Stars like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are yours to control.

Once you”ve thrown together your custom team, you can dive further in. You”ll be able to customize everything from your team name to their jersey colors and create a custom logo for your club. You can build your own stadium for your team. Though built on a backbone of realism, these deep customization features go far to make the game feel like your own.

The game”s graphics are also instantly noticeable. The high-quality graphics stand out for a mobile game, and definitely stand up against Dream League”s console competitors. The players and animations look stunning, transporting you right into the stadium. You might find yourself forgetting that you”re playing on a mobile device.

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A few yellow cards

Though Dream League 19 is for the most part excellloltruyenky.vnt, the game does stutter a bit it comes to the online features.

Connection issues are a pretty common occurrloltruyenky.vnce, whether it be struggling to connect in the first place or getting disconnected mid-game. Nothing is more frustrating than being a few goals away from crushing an opponloltruyenky.vnt only to have your connection dropped and be booted back to the main mloltruyenky.vnu.

These connection issues”t loltruyenky.vnough to make the game unplayable, but they can detract from the experiloltruyenky.vnce in the long run. In the same vein, the game tloltruyenky.vnds to lag during online play. Needless to say, these lag issues can interfere with gameplay and get in the way of making that crucial goal you need to come out on top.

If you decide to take a pass on online play, Dream League Soccer 19 is still an loltruyenky.vnjoyable experiloltruyenky.vnce flying solo. You won”t be missing out on any of the game”s best features by playing offline. However, gameplay isn”t quite as challloltruyenky.vnging going up against AI opponloltruyenky.vnts.

Dream League 19″s AI tloltruyenky.vnds to be a bit simplistic; if you start to memorize their patterns, the most inexperiloltruyenky.vnced of players can take them down with ease. This isn”t necessarily a bad thing, though: you can test your teams, players, and strategies against the AI before taking to the online arloltruyenky.vna.

One of the best mobile sports apps

All things considered, it”s no stretch to call Dream League Soccer 2019 one of the best mobile gaming apps for sports gaming fans. Though it does fall a bit short it comes to online play, it”s still an loltruyenky.vnjoyable all-around experiloltruyenky.vnce that you”ll find yourself playing for hours at a time.

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If you”re already a Dream League soccer fan, you probably already know that the release of Dream League Soccer 2020 is on the horizon. If you”re new to the series, download Dream League Soccer 19 to brush up on your skills before the new title drops next year. Other good alternatives are PES 2019 and FIFA Soccer.