Our goal is to create an exciting, authentic highlight film of your wedding day. We blend cinematic and documentary styles of filming and editing. “It”s like we barely knew you were there,” is an absolute compliment from our past couples. We want you to relive the most special day of your life just the way it was, with minimal posing and staged shots.

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So fly.

A drone can view your venues and city from several hundred feet above ground– dramatically altering the perspective. Aerial videography transforms ordinary events into breathtaking, cinematic moments. All of our wedding videography packages include drone videography. We fly a dji mavic pro, which boasts 40 mph fly time, stabilization, and 4k footage. That may sound like camera lingo, but just know it means we get really clear, awesome footage.


You look great.

The day is finally here and the anticipation is building!We want to capture you getting ready for the best day ever. This includes the final touches of makeup, zipping up the dress, adjusting the bowtie, spending time with your very best friends, exchanging gifts,saying a prayer, popping champagne (of course)…And the list goes on and on. Couples love looking back on the joy of the build-up!


It”s all in the details.

We take a cinematic perspective in capturing footage of your dresses,suits, rings, flowers, invitation suites, and venue décor.


Some traditions are meant to be broken.

When it comes to first looks, we are 110% on board! We could tell you all day long why doing a first look is a great idea: calmed nerves, spending more time with your future husband/wife, more time for portraits, and getting to attend your cocktail hour– just to name a few! It never takes away from the emotion of the day. there really will be nothing like watching your bride walk down the aisle. We bet your photographer will be thrilled you chose to do one, too!


Here comes the bride.

It”s the main event! We work to capture the events of your ceremony from every angle to produce an exciting highlight. Typically, one of us stays toward the front of the room while the other stays toward the back. We pride ourselves on capturing special candid moments, like a tear in your mom”s eye or the way the groom grins when you say “I do.”

Pretend we”re not here.

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For portraits, we tend to let your photographers call the shots. All we ask for is 10 minutes at the end to film some more organic, movement shots: walking hand-in-hand, hugging, kissing, talking, enjoying your new husband or wife!

The music is playing, the guests are chatting, the drinks are flowing. It”s cocktail hour! And if you did a first look, you”re probably there, too! This is a great time to capture friends and family catching up, gearing up for your epic reception.

Their first dance as Mr. + Mrs.

It”s your first dance as a married couple! We”ll capture it from every angle. While our films are highlights, we know couples want to watch their entire first dance. We include the raw footage on your flash drive!

They loved you first.

cue the waterworks. Some of the best emotion of the day is captured in our couples” dances with their parents. We include the raw footage of the father-daughter and mother-son dances in all of our packages.

Let”s toast to the happy couple.

there”s nothing quite like a great speech! While our standard package does not include recorded audio in the final video, we know that it”s important to you to have your speeches captured. No fear! Raw footage of your speeches will be included on your flash drive. Want audio from your speeches woven into final video? Opt for our feature film! Examples of these two packages are available on our pricing page.

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Get your groove on.

This is arguably the most entertaining part of any wedding highlight video. We can”t wait to showcase uncle Larry”s rendition of the wobble! There”s always room for some slow songs, too. Ed Sheeran”s “Perfect” is the current “must-play.”

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