Cách Chơi Voltorb Flip : 3 Steps (With Pictures), How To Win Voltorb Flip Update 10/2021

A very significant improvement here. Happy I put in the time and work for some optimisations here to put this run under 3:35!FAQ: pastebin.com/68FVmX4fStay Connected:Twitter: wersterlobePatreon: www.patreon.com/wersterTwitch stream: www.twitch.tv/wersterDiscord server: discord.gg/0jCpl8wIKvQWXJaPSpeedrun profile: www.speedrun.com/user/werster

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Anyone watching this and seeing this comment is it worth getting the game? I have a 3DS so I can play DS games, I recently purchased platinum to play and I have played black and white. Just curious if heartgold or soul silver is worth visiting


Not gonna lie, I don’t really feel like watching the whole thing. How did he get the master ball before Raikou? I thought it was after the 8th badge. Edit: I found it, nevermind. BUT, what are the chances of getting 5 out of 5 on the lottery thing?

Hey, so i might not be right here but i was wondering how you got the right ID to get the Masterball in the radio tower. An answer would be great. Thanks in advance.

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Really didn’t come here to be a hater, but you are obviously cheating.. is that really considered a WR.? You don’t run into a single wild Pokémon and everyone is okay with that.? Please run a legit speed run.

Sorry but can someone explain why he was upset that no one had got pokerus yet? Isn’t it a pretty rare thing and he didn’t really battle many wild pokemon? Just curious why he would be expecting it?

my question is how does he manipulate the RNG so he wont get encounters in the beginning im curious if someone can link a video.

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>Wow new WR lets see how the run looks >Sees 3 flinches and a confusion hit in a row Guess time can still be saved.

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Am i the only one here who knoes that this is a 100% cheated run. He changes coding in the game by doing certain stuff. Nothing in this run was legit except picking his starter. Cant believe people who do speed runs call themselves gamers.