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New Believers Walkthrough and Strategy Guide”/>Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers! Everything you need to get through the game is here, including a lot of spoilers, so proceed at your own risk.”/>
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Here is our massive walkthrough guide for Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers! Everything you need to get through the game is here, including a lot of spoilers, so proceed at your own risk.

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This walkthrough for Virtual Villagers 5 is broken up into five sections:

Actual solutions will be hidden by spoilers.


I. General Information

If you’ve played any of the Virtual Villagers games before, some things are the same and some have changed.

Learn the controls! They are basically the same as Virtual Villagers 4 with the addition of the energy bar and the “godly” powers icons. The most useful control to learn is the detail “camera” located at the bottom right of the screen. You can use this to quickly locate any individual on the island. Click on the right arrow (when the screen is blank) and it goes to the youngest tribe member. Continue to click the right arrow and you will scroll through your villagers from youngest to oldest. As each one comes up in the “camera”, the game will zoom to that person. This is especially helpful when trying to find children quickly. Click on the left arrow (when the screen is blank) and you will go to the oldest person in the tribe. Continue to click and you will cycle from oldest to youngest.

Your energy bar shows two things, how much energy you can have and how much energy you do have. Your ability to have more energy increases with the size of your population and the level of spirituality tech, as well as your conversion efforts. When you start you will only have the capacity for about 35 energy. At the end it will be over 800. Just because you have the capacity doesn’t mean you have the energy, using your “godly” powers uses that energy and it takes a while for it to accumulate again. Just having living villagers will slowly increase the energy, but you can gain more if you convert a heathen or in collecting duplicate artifacts.

Collect Ruthlessly! Mushrooms can mean the difference between life and death to your tribe in the early stages, and the boost in tech points from collectibles allows you to purchase necessary second stage technology quickly. Collecting relics helps fill up your energy bar quickly, and also helps extend it the more relics you find.

Watch for sparkles! Mushrooms and collectibles produce faint white sparkles, which enable them to be spotted more easily.

Cross Train Ruthlessly! Some tasks will require villagers with more than one skill, and it is helpful to be able to quickly shift your workforce from one task to another if necessary.

Learn to Navigate! You can move around the area in several different ways. (1) Left click on the ground and drag, this will move the visible area around. (2) Use the number keypad: the area is broken into roughly 9 grids, corresponding to the numbers on the keypad of your keyboard. The bottom row of numbers (1, 2, and 3) cover the “south” area, the middle row of numbers (4, 5, and 6) cover the “middle” area, and the top row of numbers (7, 8, 9) cover the “north” area. The number keypad is an easy way to quickly look for collectibles. (3) Use the detail “camera”. Use the right and left arrows of the camera to select a villager and the screen will zoom to where they are. The detail “camera” will not work if the game is paused. (4) Use the overall map. Use the map button on the controls to get a bird’s eye overall view of the area. From the map click on the area you wish to go and it will zoom to that area.

Don’t pick up a villager that is busy unless it is absolutely necessary! If you pick up a villager that is in the process of a task or is carrying something, they will drop the item and it will be lost. They will also “forget” what it is they were doing.

Children under the age of 14 will not work, except for picking up mushrooms and collectibles! Once they reach age 14 you can put them to work, but they won’t be fully “adult” until age 18. That means if a story time for the children is going on, the 14-17 year olds will drop work and attend. Villagers cannot have children until fully “adult”, i.e. the age of 18.

Based on their parentage, some children will be born with a little bit of skill in some areas. Children can also be “trained” somewhat by using the nursery school.

Nursing mothers will not work until the baby is 2 years old! So be careful about getting the women pregnant. With no one farming a tribe can easily starve.

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Don’t forget to take off the parenting preference if you are going to leave the game! If you forget and leave a male villager on parenting, you may wake up to a tribe that has doubled or more in size, or one that has starved from too many people and not enough food.

The game continues even when it is turned off! Virtual Villagers 5 plays in “real time”, which means things will still happen even when the game is closed. Remember this if you’re going to be away for a while. Move your game to the “slow” or “pause” option depending on how long you will be away.

Choose your time settings wisely! Playing in “fast” mode live is fun, but if you’re going to be gone for a while consider switching to “Normal”, “Slow”, or even “Pause”. If something goes wrong, you can come back to a dead village and have to start over again.

Do not mess with your computer clock to “fast forward” the game! Not only can this mess up other things on your computer, it can create havoc within the game. Trying this can result in a dead tribe, or problems with regenerating crops.

The weather is your friend! Yes, rain and fog are annoying and tend to hide things, but they are extremely useful. When it rains, mushrooms pop out at a much faster rate, allowing more food collection. The heathens in the run-down village don’t like rain, and will flee to the forest which can be helpful or hurtful, as they often take a route that crosses the path of your farmers or builders, causing work to stop as they chase your villagers. You can create rain, lightning, sunshine, and fog from your “godly” powers. The Fog of Doom is especially helpful as the heathens cannot see through it and your villagers can.

Fire is your friend! A fire not only keeps your villagers warm and cuts down on illness, it boosts your ability to gain tech points. You will need both wood and dry grass to start a fire, and usually only adults can start a fire. However, you can light the fire using your lightning power.

You can choose the hut locations! When the foundation for a hut shows up, you can pick it up and move it to a place of your choosing (within reason). Look closely at the outline of the foundation, green means an area that the hut can be built in, red means you can’t build there. Choose locations wisely: try not to impede frequently used paths, and especially watch out for areas that the orange guards like to walk through.

Use children as temporary healers! If a villager becomes sick before you have access to the hospital to train doctors, find the nearest child, set their preference to healing, and drop them on the ill individual. Keep doing this until they heal the villager.

Avoid the orange-mask heathens! They will chase your villagers and make them drop whatever they are carrying, especially disrupting food gathering and building tasks. If you are dropping children onto collectibles first check to make sure no orange-mask heathen is in the area.

Use distractions! Orange mask heathens can be drawn away from an area with an adult or child. They will give chase, leaving the area temporarily clear. They will come back quickly, so use a child or children to keep them away until you’ve done what you need to do. Red mask heathens will not give chase, and will scare your people away, so you will need to use your “godly” powers to move them from an area. Bees or lightning will cause them to run away for a short while.

All the heathens can be converted, but each has a different method. See the technical section (section 3) for details on each and how to convert them.

Watch where people go! Children (and adults) will often wander off to look at “interesting” areas of the island. These areas are usually important.

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Fly around the island! Pick up a child and hover him/her over various interesting areas and watch the text that shows up in the control screen. Do this with adults as well, to identify certain items and hotspots that are important to the game.