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A bit sick and weak! Help!

Well… My entire family is a bit sick or a bit weak. I have tried to cure the people with a variety of medicines. Those that are sick are displaying syptoms off itchyness. I have tried to cure them with all of the following: throat lozenges, antitussive syrup, cortisone cream, penicillin, and a doctors visit… Nothing worked. The doctor said that she was a bit sick and might need a baby boost before another kid. I have made the weak eat and sleep; nothing helps. I haven”t tried organics yet, that”s my next step. Help how do I make them better?

Sick&weak, 01.03.2013
Answer from: PaigeMine said the same thing and the high potent medicine you give them can make then feel a bit sick so maybe just get them all to rest and see what happens.

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Posted on: 01.04.2013

Answer from: misspeg86A bit sick means they are actually ill. The cortisone cream should have worked for your family members who are itchy. A bit weak is the status they usually have after they are cured from an illness. Try to feed them fruit and multivitamins if you catch them in the flea market, that should help otherwise they will feel better on their own after a while.

Posted on: 01.04.2013

Answer from: Kim96Make sure there”s plenty of food in the house an the itchiness can be cured by cortisone cream Hope I Helped 🙂

Posted on: 01.04.2013

Answer from: JessMine were the same. I left them alone for a bit and stopped making them do chores and stopped praising them so much, got them nice organic food and some new things, it took a day but they got better 🙂 someone else on here said if you praise them too much they get fed up too.

Posted on: 01.04.2013

Answer from: CoolyUse multivitamins and a towelette, if you don”t make them exercise or make them take a shower.

Posted on: 01.05.2013

Answer from: Jmh11Mine are like that right know! Three of them are weak or extremely weak and the other two are just a bit sick! I tried the cream but that did not work so try some antibiotics.

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Posted on: 03.06.2013

Answer from: GemmaaThree people in my family are “a bit sick” and I”ve tried making them a meal but that didn”t work, I”ve tried making them go to the toilet, have a shower and wash their face/hair. But again that didn”t work. I”ve also tried making them sit down or go to sleep for a little while.

Posted on: 03.24.2013

Answer from: MissyIf your people are a bit weak just let them sleep and give them energy drinks or fruit

Posted on: 04.04.2013

Answer from: KatykatIf they”re a bit weak, give them what missy said, or give them fruit gummy vitamins from the varied items

Posted on: 04.18.2013

Answer from: cupcakeThere r no vitamins in the store i am low on money i have tried every medicine but still my person is sick i gave them loads of sleep. please help me!

Posted on: 06.18.2013

Answer from: asmidarIf they have sore throats, give them lozenges, for cough give antitussive syrup, for hiccup just drag them to the sink to drink water, cortisone cream for itchiness, antihistamine for sneezing and peptic syrup for stomach ache.it works for me.

Posted on: 07.08.2013

Answer from: ten-tenMedicine should work. If they are itchy the cortisone cream should work. If not give them lots of sleep, what you would do to a sick person.

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Posted on: 08.07.2013

Answer from: ViviMake sure you get the right type of medicine, if they have the hiccups put them in the sink so they can get a drink of water and that will cure them

Posted on: 09.09.2013

Answer from: teddy bearGive them fruit if they are weak. It worked for me. The dad went from weak to a little weak but I need more fruit. So I”m gonna keep on waiting. btw they are in the flea market.

Posted on: 10.30.2013

Answer from: Br279Yes fruit will help. One of my guys was extremely weak but I fed her and I gave her some mango. Usually fruits like mango,bananas,etc. will help. Also make sure that they”re fed and happy. Tip: if you”re playing perhaps on the weekend and it”s maybe 2 or 3 in the afternoon, switch the time so that it”s 2 in the MORNING. It will help because then you can put them to sleep or nap if they”re exhausted or tired.Hope I helped