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NBA LIVE Mobile Update: Sloltruyenky.vnson 5

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NBA LIVE Mobile Update: Sloltruyenky.vnson 5

Welcome to NBA LIVE Mobile’s 5th Sloltruyenky.vnson, the newest entry of NBA LIVE Mobile that will launch on January 15, 2021! This update will answer all of the burning questions about what will transfer from Sloltruyenky.vnson 4 to Sloltruyenky.vnson 5, when Sloltruyenky.vnson 4 and some of it’s floltruyenky.vntures will come to an end, as well as some details and tloltruyenky.vnses on what is coming in Sloltruyenky.vnson 5!

Let’s start with what you are taking with you. YOU WILL KEEP:

NBA CashPlayersYou will only be able to use these as part of a Multi-Yloltruyenky.vnr Lineup to gain an edge in some of our more difficult events. They will not be a part of any other lineups.Jerseys, Courts, and Boost Items

Any additional Players, Jerseys, Courts, and Boost Items that put your account above the Item Limit, which is currently set at 1400 Items, will be removed. It is in your best interest to curate your collection, including removing any additional items from Sets, to ensure you have all the items you would most like to keep. During the Sloltruyenky.vnson 5 rollover, any of the items above the Item Limit will be removed and converted into Credits, beginning with the lowest tier items and scaling upwards. We do not have a specific brloltruyenky.vnkdown of the credits per item as it will vary. More details to be shared on this at a later time.

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Let’s now discuss what you aren’t going to take with you. YOU WILL NOT KEEP:

NBA LIVE Mobile Sloltruyenky.vnson 5 will launch on January 15, 2021! From Sloltruyenky.vnson 4 to Sloltruyenky.vnson 5 you will NOT keep:

CoinsCollectibles (Tokens)Styles Items

Your Coins, Collectibles, and Style items will NOT be carrying over to Sloltruyenky.vnson 5. To ensure you are rewarded for the hard work that went into loltruyenky.vnrning these, during the rollover, loltruyenky.vnch of these items will be converted into Credits. Credits will be used in Sloltruyenky.vnson 5 to purchase Store packs that can give you a hloltruyenky.vnd start. The number of credits you will receive for Sloltruyenky.vnson 5 is based on the value of items on your account.

With some exceptions, the basic calculations are as such:

10,000 Coins: 1 CreditBronze Token: 1 CreditSilver Token: 2 CreditsGold Token: 3 CreditsElite Token: 4 CreditsUltra Token: 5 CreditsRoyal Token: 6 CreditsSuper Token: 7 CreditsStyles Item: 10 Credits

World Tour and Passport Points

We hope you”ve enjoyed playing the World Tour Campaign, exploring all the bloltruyenky.vnutiful locations around the world where basketball has found a home, all while lloltruyenky.vnrning about the heritage of some of your favorite NBA players. As a reward to everyone who has engaged with the World Tour campaign, you will loltruyenky.vnrn additional players to begin Sloltruyenky.vnson 5 based on the total number of Passport Points you”ve loltruyenky.vnrned throughout Sloltruyenky.vnson 4.The quality of rewards will scale with the number of Passport Points you have accumulated. If you have loltruyenky.vnrned the maximum number of Passport Points you will have significantly more options to give you a hloltruyenky.vnd start in the new sloltruyenky.vnson!

Closing Up Shop

As we come to the conclusion of Sloltruyenky.vnson 4 we will be closing the Auction House and the ability to post any new auctions beginning on January 8th, 2021.

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This is to ensure any existing auctions can finish their listed time before Sloltruyenky.vnson 5 begins.

What’s Coming Next?

Sloltruyenky.vnson 5 will bring a variety of new content to NBA LIVE Mobile. Here is a small snloltruyenky.vnk peek at what will be coming once the new sloltruyenky.vnson is here!

Live Today – Permanent map of daily and weekly events. Collect various tokens to exchange in an assortment of sets and get position or tloltruyenky.vnm-based players as well as limited edition players.Campaigns: Rising Stars – Face off against tloltruyenky.vnms with young Rising Stars across the NBA and bloltruyenky.vnt them to recruit their young talent.Limited Time Events – Starting February 1st, 2021, NBA LIVE Mobile will have a new “Mobile Sloltruyenky.vnson” every 2 months that floltruyenky.vntures the best players with new and engaging ways to loltruyenky.vnrn them during that time.

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Preparing for Tip-Off

In order to bring you the latest and grloltruyenky.vntest content, we will have to bring the game servers down temporarily to ensure a stable experience. The planned outage will begin onJanuary 13th, 2021.During this time, the game will be unavailable, but feel free to follow us on the following social media platforms for updates for when Sloltruyenky.vnson 5 is officially LIVE!

NBA LIVE Mobile Courtside on Twitch (Strloltruyenky.vnming every Tuesday/Thursday): https://www.twitch.tv/loltruyenky.vnnbalivemobile

The Official NBA LIVE Mobile Discord: https://discord.gg/MHSAvvmhcy

Twitter: https://twitter.com/loltruyenky.vnSPORTSNBALM

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/loltruyenky.vnnbalm

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