Cách Chơi Mu Roomy Event – Muvn: Khám Phá Sức Mạnh Của Thẻ Bài Roomy Update 03/2023

What is Special MU Roomy game?

It is a Roomy game with Special Roomy card !

How to play Special MU Roomy game?

1. Special MU Roomy game :① You can play special Roomy by clicking the event banner.② With card bunch and special Roomy card.Note: Special games cannot be played without a special card.+Plus,If you don’t have special cards, you can play original Roomy game.2. How to get Special MU Roomy card :① You can get it by hunting just like normal card pieces.3. How to use Special MU Roomy card :① You can proceed by selecting a special game from the game selection screen.② Special games cannot be played without a special card.③ You can use up to three special cards per game.Note: Special card types are randomly determined and come in different types.④ Combine a Mastery Weapon/Set.+Plus,Special cards can only be used by registering before moving all three cards in a regular slot.4. How to register Special MU Roomy card :① Move Special Card- Click on the special card image and click on the special card slot to move it.- Special cards can only be moved to the Special card area.③ Discard Special Card- You can discard a card in the special card slot with your right mouse.5. Special MU Roomy Card Type :① Special Numbers CardsA. It consists of numbers from 1 to 9.- This includes the number 9, which is not on a regular card.B. You can pair up to four cards with a regular number card.C.

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Regardless of color, it can be used in favor of general numbers.D. You can earn additional points if you have more than 3 cards that match the cards in the regular card area.- Red (3), Blue (2), Red (1) + Special (2)- Red 1, 2, and 3 card combinations can be registered.- Yellow (1), Yellow (2), Yellow (3) + Special (4)- Yellow, 1, 2, 3, 4 card combination can be registered.E. When pairing with a special card: +10 pointsF. When matching four pairs using a special card: +20 points- Special use points + 10, four pair points +10 = total 20 points③ Special 2x card- General Numbers When you use 3 cards, you can earn twice the number of points earned.③ Special color change cardA. It is a card that changes the color of all ordinary number cards equally.B. It is effective for combinations of cards with different numbers of consecutive numbers.- Red (3), Blue (4), Blue (5) + Special color change card- You can register as a series of 3, 4, 5 cards of the same color.6. Special and general MU Roomy score :① The general Roomy score is the same as before, and when you use SPECIAL CARD, the score increases according to the type and combination③ The following are the points to be awarded according to the special card types and combinations.- Special card = purple


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