Name of the project: Opal BoulevardAddress: No 18 Kha Van Can, An Binh sub-province, Di An Town, Binh Duong CityProject Area: 14,757.3 m2Floor Area of building: 162,345 m2The scale of the project: two 35-storey towers: A and B. Each is divided into two sub towers A1 & A2 and B1 & B2.A1 tower: 278 apartments and 7 commercial floorsA2 tower: 287 apartments and 1 commercial floorB1 tower: 437 apartments and 8 commercial floorsB2 tower: 444 apartment and 6 commercial floors


Inspired by the beauty of gems, Opal Boulevard was designed with the vision to become a new symbol of a modern and dynamic city. The project possesses the vibe of a dynamic urban area on the most beautiful avenue in Ho Chi Minh City. This is an ideal place for the civilized community of the 4.0 era.

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Located on Pham Van Dong Boulevard, Opal Boulevard is surrounded by Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai and Binh Duong, offering unique connectivity advantages that stand out from other projects.

The location of the Opal Boulevard apartment is extremely unique when located right on Kha Van Can street (Binh Duong) in parallel with Pham Van Dong (Thu Duc) route – an extremely open arterial avenue connecting Tan Son Nhat airport with the whole East.

Opal Boulevard apartment is expected to create a huge craze for the Eastern Real Estate market when the demand has always been a topic frequently mentioned in every story of the people here.


Golden location in the heart of the economic center


Opal Boulevard is like a vibrant music masterpiece, bringing you all the emotions of vividly colorful life. At Opal Boulevard, residents enjoy luxurious amenities, beautiful view in the sound of the wind breeze.

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Exquisite in every line, Opal Boulevard is like an architectural masterpiece, holding inside the breath of the times. Each apartment has logia and owns open spaces to help homeowners fully enjoy the beautiful landscape. Opal Boulevard is a place where the distance between nature and people always harmonizes into one.


Enjoy life in a unique way


Opal Boulevard is the ideal living space to bring residents great relaxing moments with family and friends. Cared and elaborately invested, the project was emerged by the beauty of nature, creating an oasis in the heart of a bustling city. More than just a house, Opal Boulevard is the standard living environment, where all senses are awakened.

All of the internal amenities were carefully designed for the residents to experience the unique in every moment of life. Infinity pool, gardens, gym and yoga centers, children hiking area, entertainment center, the garden of knowledge,… all combine together to bring the fulfillment and satisfaction to the residents.

Taking a dip in the cool, clear water of the infinity pool to feel all the freedom, feeling like floating in the sky, it is a completely different living experience that only Opal Boulevard owners can possess.

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Infinity pool

In addition, Opal Boulevard offers many other amenities such as the Yoga garden, gym, outdoor jogging track, overflowing pool, kids climbing area… to help residents exercise in the fresh space while enjoying the beautiful view of the city.

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