Located in the Hong Kong and Taiwan District of Kyoto, Akua City is a small town with cultural and historical heritage. The basic commercial facilities here are in the suburbs, and the residents living here are relatively wealthy.

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Located in the Hong Kong and Taiwan District of Kyoto, Akua City is a small town with cultural and historical heritage. The basic commercial facilities here are in the suburbs, and the residents living here are relatively wealthy.

Akua City is a large shopping mall located in Odaiba, Tokyo. There are various specialty stores and restaurants, as well as playgrounds and museums. The scenery outside is also very good, overlooking Tokyo Bay, and the night view is also very dazzling

The Aqua City in Odaiba is right by the sea, overlooking the Rainbow Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. There are many younger brands in it, as well as many restaurants and cafes. You can also go to the front desk to get a coupon before shopping. Recently, there are activities on WeChat. You can scan the QR code to receive red envelopes and then shop.

Aquaシーティ If you come to Odaiba and want to go shopping and go shopping, you can choose to come here. The food court attached to the shopping street is in the shops on the 5th and 6th floors, and the restaurant facing the sea, where you can eat delicious food and enjoy the scenery. The drugstore is large, the price is relatively cheap, and there are small appliances and kitchen supplies. The Hundred Yen Shop is on the 4th floor with a complete range of goods, convenient and affordable.

It’s very close to Odaiba Station, because I saw the jump shop exhibition promotion. It is said that it is held regularly in summer? It’s very exciting to be able to meet, located in the atrium, this issue is the main one of One Piece, and there is also a slam dunk counter dedicated to our “aged fans”. It’s quite a big department store. After a little stroll, I saw Nike Adi sports brand, kimono and Japanese small items store. The Disney store is quite big. There are some food on the first floor, and the second floor is connected to the flyover on the third floor.

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I had read about the restaurants here on thienmaonline.vn advisor before I had left home and when we arrived at our hotel our rooms weren’t ready so I suggested we come here. Only a short walk from our hotel taki…

A place for shopper. A lot of local and international branded for you to shopping. Also have gundam factory shop on top of the mall. you may find thousand model to select and buy

Huge Mall packed with a plethora of shops and various eateries. Great views across the bay and over to the rainbow bridge, worth a hour or two if you’re ever in the area.

After enjoying the beautiful Odaiba seaside park, come here and enjoy the view of the rainbow bridge and Tokyo bay. Then go for your shopping in this mall which is not as busy but have the well known …

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This is the nearest shopping mall from Odaiba Seaside Park. The building consists of two structures surrounded by an outside deck, so it is comfortable walking on a sunny day. A promenade on the dec…

Jeremy_Dodson: I recommended Odaiba,Odaiba Seaside Park,Rainbow Bridge,Fuji TV Headquarters Building,Odaiba Statue of Liberty

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