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Real estate for rent in Hanoi

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Apartment for rent in Royal City Hanoi

Royal City Hanoi Apartment Complex which offer a thousand stylish and functional furnished and unfurnished apartments range from 2-4 bedrooms and luxury Penthouse with garden, modern amenities, schools, shopping malls green and modern features. It is great located at 72A-74 Nguyen Trai Road, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi, a sought-after site at the Southwest end of Hanoi, covering a total land area of 120,945m2, Royal City is a great urban complex of intelligent connections between functional and public facilities, and is designed to eco-architecture standards with a large green coverage of about 70,000m2, providing a clean, natural and tranquil ambience right in the heart of the city. Royal City offer thousands European style residences, luxury apartments for rent with balconies, bright & airy, fully functional facilities & Services, modern and safe equipments and furniture.With the idea of a “green – smart” living, Royal City offer a thousands luxury apartments bring their inhabitants the perfection through ultimate facilities in such an architectural space of luxury, contemporary classic style, and a wide green coverage.ROYAL CITY provides you with the best conditions for a comfortable and perfect living. Its ultimate facilities, which are considered the largest and the first in Vietnam, such as: skating rink, indoor water park, Gym & Spa, Cineplex, underground parking area etc. promise to bring you a fresh living atmosphere, which will help balance your life, improve your health and bring back your passion.The facilities here are the best of art and technology. Royal City’s apartment owners will live in the highest level of security and automation thanks to the state-of-the-art security system (camera doorbells, electrical lock bolts, camera gates, electronic chips….) and US-standard fire control and prevention system etc.

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II. Apartment & Residence for rentals at Royal City Hanoi:The luxurious apartments in ROYAL CITY are designed in a Royal European style, installed with high-tech, modern and safe equipment and furniture. The living environment here is the excellent combination of a wide green coverage and high-end facilities, meeting the varied needs of its inhabitantsIn addition, the energy solutions applied to ROYAL CITY‘s buildings are environment-friendly, energy-saving and pollution-reducing.Apartments in Royal City brings you more than just a shopping center. With a total area of more than 200,000m2, consisting of 3 underground floors and 2 aboveground floors, this Shopping Mall will be a busy and bustling center where international great brand names will converge, meeting all shopping requirements of Hanoi’s citizens and tourists. In addition, a supermarket of more than 6,000m2, offering a wide variety of goods and fresh food will be an ideal place for housewives to do the shopping.With desire to make Royal City an absolutely ideal place, the developer is establishing a perfect self-contained system of facilities and services, including:• The first Indoor Water Park in Vietnam, measuring a total area of over 6,000m2, where you will be able to enjoy the tropical atmosphere throughout the year;• A Skating Rink, where everyone can experience the thrill of ice skating for the first time in Vietnam.• The biggest and modern Gym & Spa in Vietnam available with sauna; all year operating children- VIP- sport swimming pool chain with water temperature adjustment system;• An Indoor Recreation Complex of approximately 30,000m2 with a lot of extreme games, computer games, bowling, Kids’ Garden etc.;• The most modern Cineplex in Vietnam with tens of ultra-modern projection rooms, providing international-standard 3D & 4D cinemas• A Food Village consisting of 60 restaurants, where you can explore the different cuisines from all parts Vietnam and the world;• The largest underground parking area in Vietnam of more than 300,000m2 with a modern and intelligent access control system.Royal City will provide ideal conditions for the development of future generations by delivering a complete international education system including a kindergarten, a primary school and a secondary school.INTERIOR: A happy home. Sophisticated architecture. Modern and secure:ROYAL CITY’s inhabitants will experience a modern and luxurious living, in which your home is featured in luxurious interior with stones and timber flooring, automatic curtain system with remote control, energy saving and environment-friendly equipment, camera doorbells, electrical lock bolts, camera gates, electronic chips, US-standard fire control and prevention system etc.

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FACILITIES: ROYAL CITY For a “Green and Intelligent” livingApartments at ROYAL CITY are provided with domestic water through a general water filtering system with safe valves at each functional area. Each building has automatic barriers at its basements, ventilation and air conditioners at its halls and corridors according to the standards of world’s high buildings.There are three international schools in ROYAL CITY: a kindergarten, a primary school and a secondary school, which offer the best conditions for your children.III, Royal City – Mega Underground Mall at 72 NGuyen Trai HanoiRoyal City – Mega Underground Mall with thousands of Vietnamese shoppers flooded the giant underground shopping mall in Hanoi.The new attraction, touted as Asia’s biggest underground retail and entertainment complex, covers a total area of 230,000 square meters. The mall is 95% filled up with more than 600 shops opened in time for the grand opening. There’s also a water park, a 3,000 square meters ice rink for ice skating, game centers, movie theatres, and a “food street” with about 200 restaurants.Vincom Mega Mall at Royal City, with many novel features and facilities, will be an ideal shopping, entertainment, and recreational destination for Hanoians as well domestic and international visitors to the capital.A consortium led by an affiliate of Warburg Pincus, a global private equity firm focused on growth investing has invested $200 million in Vincom Retail, Vingroup’s retail property business. The investment valued Vincom Retail at approximately $1.1 billion. This is a subsidiary company under Vingroup, a listed company where Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong and family controls over 60%.With the opening of this new mall, Vincom Retail has become Vietnam’s largest owner and operator of shopping malls, which include world class shopping, recreational and dining facilities.Note:We have many apartment for rent in Royal City Hanoi.Please contact us for more information

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