How to Enjoy your Stay in Cambodia

The old face of Cambodia is a war-ravaged country. However, Cambodia has raised from the war ashes and has steadily grown rapidly towards progress in all fronts, including economics and tourism. The country’s textile industry has helped a lot in its economic progress with tourism as the second largest source of income.

Cambodia has many hidden scenic spots and tourist attractions that every traveler and visitor should go to see. The country’s beaches, ancient temples and magnificent architecture will sure capture every tourist’s heart. The different parts of Cambodia have something unique to offer to the tourists.

Fun ride all around in Bamboo Train

More than a fun riding, just sit in the Bamboo train and while moving u can see rice fields, birds or even sunset, sometimes you can see kids swimming and do shopping when u reach the destination.

Bamboo Train Battambang
Bamboo Train Battambang


It is located about 5km from the center of Battambang to the south in a village named Oudambang, Oudambang II commune, Sangker district, a kind of a small moving bed speed train made up from Bamboo and wood. It’s size is 2.5m in height and 4m in width.

Brief history:

Started in 1980 after Khmer Rough Regime, so there was no more train which left only the railway alone. People had an idea of transportation that can bring people, animal and other products from a bridge in the middle of the town to across a few districts to the south.

First made, there was no machines yet, they use pieces of bamboo to move using the their hands and that was slow. Several years later, the engine came and it fasten the speed of the Bamboo Train.

How much does Bamboo Train cost?

$10 per train which can hold up to 8 people ( can be $5 or $15 depend on how far you want to go). Our recommendation: in the evening for the sunset, recommend up to 6 people per train.


Kratie boasts of its dolphin watching attraction which is a big tourist drawer every year. The Mekong River that lies to north of Kratie is home to the Irrawaddy freshwater dolphins. Visitors to Kratie almost always stay for more than two days so that they can plan very well their next destination. Some of the famous resorts of Kratie are the Phnom Sambok Resort, the Kampy Resort and the 100-Colunm Pagoda.


The showpiece of Sihanoukville is its beaches where tourists can go swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, dirt biking and mountain biking among other things to enjoy. Visitors can also visit the Ream National Park where wildlife abounds and will be very much appreciated by wildlife enthusiasts. The park offers residence to over 150 bird species, dolphins, flying fishes, monkeys and many more.


If you are dying to try to ride the elephants, the Mondulkiri is the place for you. Mondulkiri offers elephant rides, visits to the Monorom Falls and the Bou Sraa falls and many more scenic places of the province. The elephant ride will take tourists through the Ratanakiri jungle.

Angkor Temples

The Angkor Wat temples are very famous and it is a photographer’s heaven. A guided tour of the temples will give tourists a much more detailed history of the place. Helicopter tours are also offered as well as tethered hot air balloon rides. Visitors can appreciate the temples more after they have the guided tour.

Angkor Wat - 7th Wonder of the World
Angkor Wat – 7th Wonder of the World

Visit Banan Temple Battambang

  • Summary:
  • Name: Banan
  • Type: Religious and historical Temple/Mountain
  • Ticket: $2
  • Distance: around 25km from town
  • Vehicle recommendation: Bike, Tuk Tuk, Motor bike for the better sigh seeing
View from Southeast side
view from Southeast side

Driving under the blue clear sky, the sunny fresh morning brought me some fresh air which directly pushing me to go to Banan Mountain. Well it was not my first or second or third time to go there because obviously I never counted. It’s one of my favorite locally homey tour destinations.

Whenever I get stressed from study I always think of going south of the town. Among many mountains, Banan is one mountain that has ancient temples built on the peak too.

Around 25 km south of town, driving a long the way, taking fine breathe, it reminded of many songs about Battambang while seeing people traveling and doing their work as I kept moving. Some minutes later, I arrived with excitement and expectation of seeing beautiful view and feeling of relaxing environment. I parked my motor bike as where it needs to be and walking toward the mountain.


Kampot offers visitors the laid back countryside life. It offers countryside tours, jungle trekking, island tours and river cruises among other fun activities. Apart from the countryside tours, visitors can see the Bokor Hill Station, Rabbit Island and Kep Beach.

Cambodia Shopping

The markets in Cambodia offer a diverse variety of goods for the shoppers. The shops sell a lot of beautiful artworks, textiles as well as carvings. Krama is also sold here. Buddhism-themed shopping items are one of the specialties of markets in Cambodia. Baskets, plates, bowls and other such handmade items created from reed are also very popular.

Visit countryside in Siem Reap

Visit countryside in Siem Reap
Visit countryside in Siem Reap

Siem Reap, the location was in Suong Village, Bakong District about 7km north of Tonle Sap lake. I had a wonderful time with the villagers. It was such an interesting experience from interpretation and translation and the experience of living in the villages even helping out to find solutions to the problems as well.


Visit Tada Waterfalls in Kampot

You can enjoy the cool waterfalls up on the mountain. It’s really natural and relaxing place. Around 21 km away from Kampot town, you’ll reach a long green mountain. You’ll see many local tourists and stall vendors along the way.

On the mountain there are two different waterfalls, one is like the pool and in like real waterfalls. I really like this place. It’s pretty cool waterfalls up on the mountain and can be reached easily. I like how it’s green and natural. I recommend this place when you visit Kampot province

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