About us

Licadho lets you explore all the wonderful places of Asia form the comforts of your own home.

It will also let you imagine what will it be like actually going to these places and will let you want to make your own plans to visit the wonderful places. Licadho.org will let you take a peek at the life and history of Asian places.


In Short, this blog is mainly about promoting tourism, culture (everything about culture) and more about charity and personal view.

Founded in 2019 and started to work on in 2019 by a group of writer

Our vision:

We want to see tourists happy and safe, and we also want them to share their experiences back home.
We want to see that our country is developed through tourism such as selling local products and services.
We want to see art and culture are spread to people around the world and become a knowledge resource.

Our mission:

Provide our readers as much information as possible and are accurate, we’ll be talking to many different people from tourism industries and to older people in the areas for history and find books in library to make sure our contents are valuable.

For local people, such as people who works relatively to tourism industries, help them to improve their services. For artists, we want to help promote their art works.

We need your help to support our missions: Support us by sharing your ideas or experience about your traveling, doing charity or even blogging. We also need your feedback.

Why help us?

Come meet us when you think there is a chance that you can give to us, we love to be friends with you too. Don’t hesitate to read about us and say hi to us!