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Cambodian Chilicious food

Junk food in Cambodia, or Chile Food

You may call them junk food but we call them Chilicious food. As you can see the red or green thing in that tiny bowl is called “Ambel Mateh” in Khmer that we mix chili pepper, sugar, salt and garlic usually. When you are in Cambodia you can see them pretty often in different places, especially at the bus stations, markets or even at your friends house.

Some are not Ambel Mateh they are calld Kapi (made from shrimps) Teuk Prohok (Prohok is made from fish) ​​Teuk Trey means fish sauce.

this one is called Songvak, it is a very popular fish food product from Battambang province

How do we eat this?

We do use many many different kinds of fruits. We put just a little of the sauce or Ambel Mateh for a bite of the fruit or something like that as you prefer.

Almost every Cambodian, when they see this, it makes them mouthwatering and that’s true. It seems like Cambodian people like to mix the strong tastes like strong sour or strong sweet or salty or bitter plus the spicy taste from the chili pepper. You know what after eating we run for water that’s funny but because it’s our habit and it’s out favorite. Note that most of the fruits below are sour as they’ll become sweet when growing ripe.

When do we eat this Chilicious food?

Avoid eating at night anytime is OK. If you eat too much can make you diarrhea because of the sour taste. I recommend you to try at least a bite to get to know what taste we like. Enjoy your time.

Note: These below pictures are allowed to use from sister Khek Sivanet from her collection. So much thank to her.

Cambodia foods
Cambodia foods
Cambodia foods
Cambodia foods
Cambodia foods
Cambodia foods

Mee Nhorm – Thailand food in Cambodia

Thai foods are famous for its super spicy taste. You can almost feel the spiciness by just seeing red chilly in the foods. Thai foods are also famous in Cambodia. Tong Yam Gung and Som Tam, famously known as spicy papaya salad, are some examples of it. However, there is another new dish from Thailand getting famous in Cambodia now.

Mee Nhorm (Mee Nhom) is available in Cambodia now

Have you ever heard about ‘Spicy Mixed Thai Noodle’ or known in Khmer as ‘Mee Nhorm’? I think you would if you have been to Thailand. Now you do not need to go to Thailand because it is also available in Cambodia.

After I heard about this food, I really wanted to find out what that food is; therefore, my friend and I decided to go there to taste it. When I arrived first time in early time, I fantasy I was in Thailand because of the smell of Mee Nhorm.

Mee Nhom Thailand food in Cambodia
Mee Nhorm Thailand food in Cambodia

I was there around 4:30 p.m. It was silent like no customer was coming; however, after a few minutes later while we were eating, I saw that there were many youths coming and they were enjoying Mee Nhorm as well.

After being ordered, two minutes later, Mee Nhorm is cooked and brought to the table with the delicious smell and colorful plates. The taste of the dish is deliciously spicy. You will feel it the first time you put the noodle in your mouth.

Studen come here very often to eat the noodle as their lunch or dinner because they like spicy food. Phal Lim, Mee Nhorm’s seller, 39-years old, has been selling the food for nearly from 2011. She said: “I sell it from 12 p.m to 8 p.m every day. I can get income from $40 to $50 a day.” Phal Lim stated that many ingredients needed to make Mee Nhorm are from Thailand.

The dish is cooked step by step to make it delicious. Mee Nhorm need to be done with a set of ingredients such as Tong Yam, chilly, sugar and other basic ingredients to add more flavor to the dish. There are four different kinds of meat such as pork, shrimp, squid, and hot dog. To complete the dish, two kinds of vegetables, edible aquatic plant and cabbage, are added. Mixing all these ingredients together, the Mee Nhorm is now ready to be eaten.

Pen Sreykeo, 18, a regular customer said that Mee Nhorm is her favorite food. She often eats double noodle (Orange plate) with her friends and she told us that she knows Mee Nhorm from her friend. She tried it for the first time, and then she likes it so much. Nowadays she still takes her time to eat Mee Nhorm.

The colors and the price of Mee Nhorm

One thing I notice is the difference between the colors of the plates which are in orange and green. I really wonder what actually the difference between the two plates is. I decided to ask Phal Lim, who is the owner of the shop. In fact, there are two colors of plates that define the price of Mee Nhorm. The green plate costs 3500 riels while the orange costs 4500 riels. The added price is due to the orange plate doubles the meat and noodle.

For people who like spicy food, Mee Nhorm is the best choice. To me, I also like it; even it is a bit hot and spicy. Do not forget to try Mee Nhorm. I recommend you to taste it yourself.

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